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Human Anatomy 3D - Zbrush

Lecturer: Bogdan Ionete

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Being able to model the human condition correctly is an art. However, there are some tricks and tips to get easier performance.

All work becomes easier when, instead of traditional modeling, using modern techniques and programs in 3D.


Participation in the human body anatomy in 3D helps to use creativity, hand-eye coordination and develop the spirit of observation. Students will explore the human body line, proportions, posture, muscle.

Course Content:

Modelling is often a way of exploring with considerable emphasis on observation and problem-solving visual composition.

1. Introduction, body proportions, skeleton

2. Continue skeleton

3. Muscle head, neck

4. Torso muscles (front)

5. Torso muscles (back)

6. Muscle hands

7. Muscle legs

8. Differences between male and female body, conclusion

There are requirements to participate in this course. Knowledge of Zbrush, 18 years old at the start of the course.


SAE Certificate Human Anatomy in 3D

Entry Requirements

There are no academic requirements to participate in this course. The only entry requirement is for the participant to be at least 18 years of age upon commencement of the course.


  • 4 weeks


  • 2 sessions/week
  • 3 hours / session

Start Date:

  • May 2018