Creative Media Education

All Courses Overview

SAE Institute Bucharest offers practical and industry-relevant Diploma Studies in the fields of Audio Engineering and Animation & Game Design. By completing one year at our Institute you will be awarded with a Diploma in the studied area. This certificate is internationally acknowledged and guaranties a high educational standard.

Besides the diploma program SAE Bucharest also offers several short courses. All courses are focused on offering essential and in detail informations on specific topics. Experienced lecturers will provide you with in depth knowledge and practical training during all the course's duration



Audio Engineering Diploma

Audio Engineering Diploma course offers students a study of all aspects of Audio Engineering and is designed to train future professionals for the audio industry. 

Animation & Game Design Diploma

Does animation mean more than just cartoons to you? Are you quietly confident that computer animation will take the place of traditional film-making in your lifetime? Does gaming mean more to you than just a pleasant means of spending your free time?

Then you should study Animation&Game Design at SAE Institute.

Short Courses

Live Sound Engineering

By the end of the SAE Certificate Course in Live Sound Engineering, students will understand the principles of sound (what it is, how it is made up, its means of measurement), acoustic and electronic instruments and the levels they create, as well as the equipment that can be used in a live performance (Mics, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Gates, Compressors, Effects Processors, Equalizers), Mixing desks, front of house and monitor mixing.

Moreover, students will be introduced to various types of speaker systems – including setting up and their application, will learn how the equipment is connected together and the connections used and gain structure, EQ and signal routing.

Autodesk Maya

The students that will attend this course will be sure to notice progress and a substantial improvement in their workflow with Maya in just under 6 weeks. Our goal is to offer the best knowledge in the field and put them to fruition in a very short term. You will learn by doing, and you will learn from professional figures in the creative media domain. A solid theory & practical application is the key to mastering these skills.

Secrets of Mixing

With mixing tips and tricks that are used by some of the top names in the industry, this short course is invaluable for anyone looking to get the most out of their music. Upon completion of the course, students will know what mixing is, when to start mixing, what the different mixing approaches are and what consequences they have on the final product. Obviously, students will be taken all the way through the Dry Mix and Wet Mix and will have a full plate of Tips & Tricks from the Pros.

Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live

Students will learn everything they need to know in order to write, design, produce and provide structure for an electronic music track. Upon the completion of this course, students will: have working knowledge of Ableton Live's Session and Arrangement views, devices and typical routing paths; be able to sample and synthesize to create new sounds with a musical purpose; be able to layer together audio elements to create a full song; know the basic workings of digital audio, sound synthesis and audio mixing.

Photoshop CC

Even if you've never worked with images on your computer, you may have heard of Photoshop. Available for both Windows and Mac, Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful application that's used by many professional photographers and designers. You can use Photoshop for almost any kind of image editing, such as touching up photos, creating high-quality graphics, and much, much more.

Human Anatomy 3D - Zbrush

Being able to model the human condition correctly is an art. However, there are some tricks and tips to get easier performance.

All work becomes easier when, instead of traditional modeling, using modern techniques and programs in 3D.

Introduction to Zbrush

Zbrush was and still one of the most used program to model characters and adding details to your basic 3D objects, helping you to save tons of hours trying to add those details in your traditional 3D program.