Creative Media Education


Animation & Game Design Diploma

Does animation mean more than just cartoons to you? Are you quietly confident that computer animation will take the place of traditional film-making in your lifetime? Does gaming mean more to you than just a pleasant means of spending your free time?     Then you should study animation & game design at the SAE Institute.

Animation's perception of continuous movement may be an illusion, but its career rewards are anything but that. By studying 3D Animation & Game Design at SAE, you'll master the suite of technical skills required to pursue a lucrative career in Animation, while also being enabled to be the architects of games titles. Foundation training is given on key areas of game development theories and concepts whilst allowing specialization studies across all standard development platforms.


  • SAE Institute Animation & Game Design Diploma 


  • 12 months

Theory lectures

  • Full-time: Four lessons of 3 hours, per week

Practical time

  • Individual bookings, with personal support
  • Access to facilities at least 5 days per week

Entry requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years

Career Options:

    • • 3D Modeller
    • • Texture artist 
    • • Film animation producer
    • • Antreprenor in Digital Media
    • • 3D Character Designer
    • • Game Designer
    • • Level Designer
    • • 3D Concept Artist 
    • • Environment Designer 
    • Upcoming start dates
      • • 1st of October 2019