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Autodesk Maya

This course will focus on operating with Autodesk Maya, starting from the basics to advanced content, such as 3D modelling and procedural texturing. The students will benefit from a solid training regarding the workflow with Autodesk Maya and will enrich their knowledge with valuable informations regarding the cross platform integration in the animation projects.

Lecturer: Valentin Nadolu

The students that will attend this short course will see a massive development and improvement in their Maya skills in just 6 Weeks. Our focus is to give you the best of knowledge in a limited amount of time with helpful insight from today's game design experts. They will be given a good theoretical understanding with hands on practice in Maya.


Students attending the Maya Short Course at SAE Bucharest will learn comprehensive skills in operating Maya, one of industry's standard applications for modeling, texturing, and shading. They will learn how to model 3D, how to work with UV's, the concept of texture and its application in games, shading and whatever else is needed to start your character creation and digital animation productions.
The lessons start from a graphic realization to modelling & texturing.

Course Content:

• Introduction to Autodesk Maya and the typical game's asset pipeline

• Maya shortcuts and basic interaction

• General 3D modeling notions

• Advanced 3D modeling notions

• High resolution modeling

• Deformers

• Low resolution modeling for games

• Live geometries and the Maya modeling toolkit . Shading

• Working with UV's

• Texture baking

• Materials and textures used in games

If you are interested in the full content of this course, please send us an email at bucharest@sae.edu


    • Autodesk Maya


    SAE Certificate in Autodesk Maya - Intro

    Entry Requirements

    There are no academic requirements to participate in this course. The only entry requirement is for the participant to be at least 18 years of age upon commencement of the course.

    Quick facts


    • 6 weeks


    • 2 sessions/week
    • 3 hours / session

    Start Date:

    • February 2019
    • You can download the Sign Up Form at the following LINK