Creative Media Education

Audio Engineering and Animation & Game Design Diploma

To register, follow the steps below:

Complete the registration form, which you can find at this LINK

- Read and complete the contract, found at this LINK (NOTE: a translated version will be available soon)

- Study our payment plans and choose the one that suits you best: LINK

- Perform an audiogram and send it by e-mail: bucharest@sae.edu (Only for those interested in the Audio Engineering Diploma)

- Send us a copy of your ID, copy of high school diploma (or high school certificate attesting that you finished 12 grades) at our e-mail: bucharest@sae.edu

Alternatively, and preferably, collect all these documents in a folder and come with them at our office found on Calea Grivitei no. 355-357, Bucharest, Romania, with 4 photos ID type. If this is the first time you'll visit us, we will also give you a tour of the school! :)

For further information, please contact us! Phone no. : +40758.014.611