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Our doors are now open for commercial projects. Our main facilities, Studio A & Studio B are now ready to welcome anyone who wants to take his work up to a professional level. 
Our services include Recording, Mixing & Mastering. 

Studio Audio A is the main studio of SAE Institute Bucharest. Besides the control room, it also has a large live room, in order to record the various musical instruments. The control room is equipped with an Audient ASP8024 and different sorts of analog gear stacked in a rack. The DAW used are mainly Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11

Studio B is a combiation between the art of mixing and the art of mastering. It is equipped with high end audio components like AVID Icon D Command with Pro Tools 10 & 11 as DAWs and it also has a vast choice of Universal Audio Plugins.


For a recording scenario Studio A & Live Room will be used.

Bundle 8 hours / session = 200€

The price for each studio hour is 30€.

Every session will be supervised by one of our audio engineers. In case of specific equipment requests, we can contact a rental company.

Each project session prior acceptance will first be discussed with our Head of Audio, and a schedule will be checked before making any bookings.


For a mixing scenario Studio B will be used. 

10 hours / project = 200€

We are giving you the possibility to mix the project by yourself. You can distribute this amount of time into 2 sessions of 5 hours each.

There is an additional option of having your project mixed by our Head of Audio and for that we advise you to contact us at bucharest@sae.edu


For a mastering scenario Studio B will be at your disposal.

Each track has a fixed price of 50€ per master.

Each project will be taken in account prior admission.

You can enquire us for a booking or further informations at bucharest@sae.edu .