Creative Media Education

Our history

  • 1976: SAE Institute was established as "The School of Audio Engineering" (SAE) by engineer/producer Tom Misner, in Sydney (Australia). It was developed as the world's first combined practical and theoretical curriculum in audio engineering, a unique education system that still remains, over more than 3 decades, the only one of its kind in the world, in spite of the expenditure in offering programs in other curriculums (film making, multimedia and other creative medias). Our first courses began humbly in our own 4-track recording studio.

  • 1983: By now, SAE Institute had expanded in 5 major Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) and was also active in the direction of publishing, with the introduction of a number of new magazine titles in Australia. Its unique curriculum and high standards contributed to early gaining its high reputation. Therefore, the first copies of the SAE Institute concept started appearing on the international level in America.

  • 1985: On a business trip to London, Tom Misner notices that there are no professional audio colleges at all operating in the UK. This leads directly to the establishment of SAE Institute London, the first overseas college. Operation commences in March. Tom Misner designs the new logo (current logo) which is now used for the first time in our advertisements. For the next 8 years, SAE Institute expands rapidly in Europe, opening offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Manchester, Vienna, Berlin, Glasgow and Amsterdam, without neglecting the Australian continent where 2 more branches were established.

  • 1991: SAE Institute reaches Asia, opening a branch in Singapore.

  • 1994: The first SAE Institute Book (Practical Studio Techniques by Tom Misner) is published. The first SAE Institute European inter-college soccer competition takes place in Amsterdam - the eventual winner is Frankfurt.

  • 2001: Finally we made it: 25 years of SAE Institute and just as many institutes opened in major cities all over the world.

  • 2003: The SAE Alumni Association is founded.

  • 2006: SAE Institute celebrates the 30th anniversary with a function held at the new Berlin campus. The introduction of new locations include SAE Institute Atlanta in the USA and also SAE Institute Kuwait in the Middle East. Along with the formation of ‘SAE consulting’, a company specializing in studio & acoustic design the introduction of SAE Corporate Training across the Middle East brings SAE Institute into the corporate B2B world. Towards the end of 2006 SAE Institute also launches the new, fully interactive SAE Institute Global website.

  • 2011: SAE Institute Bucharest is born, as a private initiative designed to cover the lack of the local education market in fields like film making, sound / audio engineering, animation. In short: same institute, same international standards, same technical facilities, same focus on practice, same structure of the courses, same inspiring tutors and lecturers, same requirements, same international diploma. Also, in 2011, Navitas – the Australian global education leader, took over the SAE branches in the US. For more information about Navitas, please visit www.navitas.com.

  • 2012: Over the past three decades, SAE Institute has developed into a world-wide network of campuses – with 54 branches in 26 countries across 7 continents, boasting with some of the most advanced equipment and facilities available to students studying in the creative Media Industry.